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Fernando Vizcaino make a balance of his first period in Worldcom OOH

Fernando Vizcaíno nuevo Gerente General

Fernando Vizcaíno joined WorldCom OOH almost a year ago. What balance can you make of this first period in the company?

Cuestionario ipmark Fernando Vizcaíno/director general de Worldcom OOHWe have had an intense year with very positive results, always betting on innovation, technology and talent. We continue on our path to continue leading the global OOH market and transforming the advertising communication industry together with large clients such as P&B, Coty, Euroitalia, WOW, Chopard and Omega, who have joined a portfolio of more than 160 first line advertisers.-

His incorporation coincided with the start of WorldCom OOH operations in the United States. At what point is the company’s strategic expansion plan? In how many markets are you currently present?

What is the contribution of the Spanish operation to the global business of WorldCom OOH?

Undoubtedly, one of the key aspects in the company’s strategic plan is international expansion. Currently, we are present with more than 25 commercial offices in LATAM, USA and Europe, with a global reach and with a solid portfolio of international clients, in a context in which OOH advertising has an important weight within the mix of the mass media, and with strong investments in the media.

This last year we doubled the support offer in the USA, with New York as the new business center to direct operations in the United States and Canada. Likewise, we add London as a new business center, from where we direct our commercial strategy all around Europe with offices in Madrid and Germany. Likewise, and to accompany and lead this consolidation, we incorporated professionals with extensive experience in the environment and domain of the industry. We recently added Samantha Lambe as Chief Revenue Officer, to lead commercial growth in the European market and continue our expansion from the UK base.

With UK as the strategic center to run the business, Spain was and continues to be a nerve center for our company. Madrid is a hub of interest, strategically because of its place in the world. In particular, OOH in Spain is gaining market share with exponential growth, thanks to innovation in DOOH and technology applied to the media, both in supports that allow for spectacular creativity and in measurement tools, which means a very positive impact on the industry.

In 2023, growth of 4% is expected for the Foreign environment globally and in Spain increases of between 20% and 30% in terms of investment.

Are we facing a new golden age of Exterior?

OOH and DOOH advertising in Spain is at an excellent time, with growing investments year after year and a market share that is becoming more and more significant. The degree of technological development of the medium in Spain is very similar to that experienced by the rest of the European countries in terms of the digitization of media and the rise of programmatic advertising. Of the OOH digitization process, the most important thing is the potential that technology adds to the differential of a medium that has always been present in media planning, as the protagonist of many campaigns or integrating a mix of media, with traditional media such as TV and radio, and digital campaigns.

Exterior would be, according to many experts in the sector, the medium that has best adapted to the digital age. Do you share that opinion?

Without any doubt. Currently, and thanks to technological advances, Out of Home (OOH) advertising is not only the best option when it comes to reaching a mass audience, but it is also the ideal complement to the new digital tools that allow for highly targeted segmentation. hearing details. Big Data allows DOOH to accurately quantify and profile campaign audiences, intercepting audiences during their various journeys. Tools such as geofencing and digital clusters also add to the technological advances of OOH, enabling combined strategies where media synergy reinforces the scope and frequency of advertising campaigns, and allows audiences to be reached through different channels. allowing the monitoring of both responses and ROI.

Is measurement advancing at the same pace as the technological and creative developments of the support? At what point are we?

From precise target audience segmentation to optimization of placements and budgets, technology has improved the effectiveness and relevance of OOH advertising, creating more engaging and interactive experiences for consumers. The same supports incorporate measurement technology, such as cameras that provide biometric data for dynamic ads or smart billboards that identify target vehicles to display a specific creative. The external environment has evolved not only in the creativity of the formats, where we increasingly see more impressive elements, such as 3D advertisements on digital screens, but also from the point of view of measurement tools, which allows our clients to better measure your investments and optimize your results.

Within the global outdoor advertising industry, what is the differential positioning of WorldCom OOH? What brands do you have in your client portfolio?

Large global advertisers such as Coca Cola, Mastercard, McDonald’s, Santander, Remax, Unilever, Paramount+, Puig, Chanel, Coty, Prestige Travel Retail, Tommy Hilfiger, SWISS, are part of our client portfolio to whom we provide the best service in planning, implementation, control and reporting of OOH campaigns anywhere in the world. We have teams dedicated to each client, with professionals who know their campaigns in depth and control their correct follow-up. We offer competitive advantages such as global coordination and local implementation through our local teams in more than 25 service centers around the globe. In addition, we have the largest network of strategic partners, with the best offer of OOH support worldwide. Also, we provide financial flexibility with rates on a regional scale, which makes our service offer highly competitive in the market.

Technological innovations, such as 3D or Artificial Intelligence, are raising the possibilities of the medium to another level. What value proposition does WorldCom OHH offer brands in this regard? what methodologies own, platform and tools have developed? What innovations are you currently working on?

One of our great differentials is having launched the WORLDMS platform last year. This powerful tool is an OOH and DOOH Marketplace that we define as: “everything we do on one platform” because it contains all our company’s know-how, the campaign history of the main brands and the largest media network worldwide. global, with coverage of 80% of the total park of Outdoor, Indoor, Digital, Transport, Mobile and Cinema supports that exist on the planet. It has the ability to optimize processes, combining planning with traditional and digital media, offer the best mix of media, and guarantee efficient purchasing management, combining innovation and expertise. The tool contains a mathematical engine that draws on the world’s largest database and has the power to process 9 trillion pieces of data to segment audiences and connect them with their advertisers, turning the world’s cities into large message distribution channels. for brands. This allows us to improve the OTS’s, the GRP, TPR and generate more efficiency in consumers.

– As an expert with a global vision, what disciplines and supports, within the OOH, are going to have a more notable development in the coming years? What is your recommendation to brands when investing in outdoor advertising?

Thanks to digital advertising giants, the AI ​​marketing industry is growing at skyrocketing levels. Undoubtedly, the impact of technology applied to audience measurement responds to the need for brands to reach increasingly segmented audiences that receive more specific messages during the journey and to maximize their advertising investments. AI applied to OOH will have an increasing role, with location-based intelligence, will allow the incorporation of immersive experiences with interactive elements and real-time creatives for various targets. But above all, it will continue to evolve as a tool for campaign planning, so the incorporation of smart measurement technologies will be the key for brands that want to achieve efficient campaigns in terms of investment.

Finally, what are WorldCom’s objectives for 2023 and in the medium-long term?

Among the objectives outlined in the master plan, we have as a priority the consolidation of the markets where we managed to expand in 2022, both in service centers and the opening of commercial offices in Europe and the USA. At the same time, it is vital to continue increasing the network of strategic partners around the world and solidify the operational teams to continue being the largest and best OOH and DOOH media offer in the world.

On a commercial level, London places us in the first division, with an absolute gaze on Europe but also on Asia. London is the natural bridge to Asia and it is from there that this region and all its businesses are also managed. For this reason, strengthening the European team under the leadership of the office in the UK is another of the objectives proposed for this year.

Our sustainability goal for this year is to add tons of recycled banners under the Una Vuelta + program, the initiative that we carry out together with Fundación Gestionar Esperanzas to generate quality products from obsolete OOH campaign materials. Clients such as Unilever, Natura, Brubank, Paramount + and Coca Cola are already part of this circular economy project that transforms OOH campaign material into bags, wallets, pencil cases and backpacks, which generates genuine employment opportunities for families in vulnerable situations. in 7 Latin American countries, and that are certified with the Social Bio seal, which means that they were made in a 100 percent sustainable way.