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Worldcom OOH will be present in FOA Circus

Worldcom OOH, presente en FOA Circus

A new edition of FOA started, the Spanish event that reunites the main marketing and advertising referents of Europe, and Worldcom OOH was the official sponsor.

Yesterday, it took place the 27th edition of The Future of Advertising – FOA-, in this opportunity under the concept “Circus” which lead to a program full of activities, with exhibitions, presentations, discussion tables and interactive spaces where “the Future of Advertisement” would be the main subject.

Valentín Bueno, CEO of Worldcom OOH, shared the round table “The conversation of the future”, together with Julio Simal from Snapchat, Daniel Bernal Ruiz, from Urban Roosters, Carlos Fernández from Iberdrola, Marc Pérez from Play Off Nations, Víctor Álvarez from Marketing Science and Diego San Román from Gran Familia Mediterránea.

Each one of them exposed their point of view about the main trends, innovations and problems that affects the communication industry and explained their perspectives on key issues for the industry. Subjects as the consumers’ expectations in the post pandemic era, the importance of sustainability for brands and their strategies to stand out in different markets, the new technologies and tools based in artificial intelligence, and the challenge of the sector to keep up with the changes to answer the users’ new demands, were the subject of debate at the table integrated by the director of Worldcom OOH.

The day started at 8:30 a.m. with a welcome breakfast and end at 7:00 p.m. with an after party, which was full of surprises: music, food trucks and entertainment spaces.

During the Open Mic, the speakers had a minute to summarize what the 2022 trend would be, where the future of advertising will turn. From his side, the director of Worldcom OOH, commented: “15 years ago we built and founded this company to transform the cities of the world into large distribution channels, into large supermarkets for brands, to connect them with consumers, because we understood the media ecosystem of the cities of the world, and we did it through the most advanced technology that exists on the planet.”

It was a day plenty of lectures and panels, with leaders and communication decision makers sharing a table to unite synergies and generate networking relationships in a meeting that will define the global communication agenda in 2022.


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Worldcom OOH is a Company specialized in OOH media, created to meet the demand for out-of-home advertising in outdoor, indoor, digital, transport means, mobile and cinema. It provides local and regional services to Latin America, in the three business stages: Planning, implementation and control. It employs over 200 people directly and has a wide network of strategic partners for the commercial and operational management in over 18 countries in North America and Europe, with current projection to the Asian market.