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Worldcom | Latcom reaches three times the world population with its campaigns: over 26 billion ots in 2022, equivalent to more than 3 impressions per person on the planet

Latcom alcanzó tres veces la población mundial con sus campañas: más de 26.000 millones de ots en 2022, el equivalente a más de 3 impactos por cada habitante del planeta

With 824 campaigns in 34 countries and as part of its international consolidation and the strengthening of its client portfolio.

USA, March 27, 2023 – Latcom/Worldcom, a global company specializing in OOH, DOOH and Programmatic advertising, has concluded and evaluated the results of its 2022 campaign exercise: 827 campaigns developed in 34 countries, across 189 cities, using 1.434 billion media supports. The campaigns exhibited 2,967 digital spots and reached 26.678 billion potential consumers, three times the world’s population. The sum of their advertisers’ actions and executed campaigns amounted to 5.2 trillion in global commercial activity.

These excellent results were achieved within the framework of their international consolidation, with new operations in the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany, and hand in hand with their new and powerful platform, Latcom Media Services. The platform has unique characteristics in the advertising industry, allowing for the successful optimization and management of all types of OOH and DOOH campaigns.

OTS (Opportunity to See) represents the probability that a person who is part of the target audience of a campaign will actually see it at least once. The main purpose of measuring tools for OOH and DOOH advertising campaigns is to assess their performance, measure how they performed, if they met their objectives, and of course, optimize future campaigns.

“We closed an excellent 2022 of global growth and consolidation, always betting on talent, quality, innovation, creativity, and the incorporation of new technologies that allow us to optimize our work to provide better service. The more than 800 campaigns of our clients in 34 countries achieved exactly 26,780,209,194 OTS, a figure that speaks to the power of the tools we work with and the quality of the campaigns we carry out,” commented Valentín Bueno, CEO of Latcom.

In addition, throughout 2022, Latcom has incorporated clients of the caliber of Energizer, tv5monde, Duolingo, Vulk, Riot Games, Samsung, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Bitget, Gelsa, Cine Multiplex, Dior, FGV, ChileVision, Trii, Remy Martin, Amazon, strokka, ivf-life, Genshing Impact, Bvulgari, among others.

These clients have been added to the big clients with which Latcom was already working, such as McDonald’s, Chedraui, Rappi, Frávega, MasterCard, Diffupar, Paramount +, Puig, DirecTV, Unilever, Turismo Tucumán, Grupo Petersen, Playstation, Dyson, Indrive, Remax, Samsung, Santander, NBC, Turismo Córdoba, Telefónica, Apex Brasil, Caia Media, A&E Networks Latin America, Air Europa, Turismo Marruecos, Remy Martin, Embratur, Globalia, Pedidos Ya, DoradoBet, Sonda, Uralkali Trading SIA, A&E, Mango, Chanel, Albizu University, Ta-Da, Siempre en Casa, Turismo de Moscú, Eucofel, Sony, Microsoft, Swatch, Cartier, Newsan, Coty, City Time, Tommy Hilfiger, Natura, Amazon, Pandora, Ministério do Turismo, Secom PR, Chopard, General Mills, FGV, Turismo de Madeira, Ailimpo, Wowshop, Clinica del Country, Genshim Impact, Euroitalia, Bankaya, Ganador, Grifols, Wabi, Incalpaca, Recuerdo Mezcal, Chilevisión, Fiwind, TRII, GELSA, Cines Multiplex, Bitget, Interborders, IVF.