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Worldcom| Latcom deploys a powerful OOH campaign in paris together with the ministry of tourism of the Dominican Republic

Latcom despliega una potente campaña de ooh en París junto al ministerio de turismo de República Dominicana

For the campaign, mapping was used, an attractive technique with high-impact projections on several of the most iconic buildings in the French capital.

Latam, October 16, 2023.- The Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic, a catalyst entity for the Tourism Sector of the Dominican Republic, and with the objective of publicizing the natural beauties of its country and promoting the massive attraction of French tourists, called on Latcom, a global media trading expert, to develop a powerful OOH campaign in emblematic points of Paris.

The impactful campaign was carried out within the framework of the IFTM Top Resa 2023 event – the main reference fair for the tourism sector in France – which took place from October 3 to 5 at Paris Porte de Versailles. In this context, the most touristic city in the world made an impact with the brand message projected on the iconic buildings of the most touristic city in the world. The Parisian night was illuminated with the logo and landscapes of the Dominican Republic through mapping, an innovative non-traditional advertising technique that uses high-quality projections on buildings, monuments and other three-dimensional objects with highly detailed images adapted to the shapes and dimensions specific to the surface on which it is projected.
The campaign used the walls of emblematic buildings in Paris for the projection, located in strategic points of the city with a very high flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Among the most significant spots of the activation, projections were made on the walls of the Paris Opera, the Trocadero Palace, several others with views from the Hotel de Ville, on the emblematic Rue de Rivoli with a striking view of the gardens of The Tuileries, and a large projection on General Camou, one of the arteries with direct views of the Eiffel Tower.

“The Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic has estimated that the Caribbean country will have received 9.8 million international tourists in 2023, which means that in the region only Mexico exceeds this number of visitors. For Latcom, it is a privilege to have developed this high-impact campaign for this client, promoting this country of unique natural beauty and helping them show off their landscapes in one of the most charming cities in the world, Paris.

The entire campaign was a great challenge and especially the implementation in strategic locations with the use of mapping. This is an innovative and eye-catching form of OOH promotion that, used creatively, has a unique ability to capture attention and leave a lasting impression on the target audience, which makes it a super effective tool for marketing campaigns,” says Karina. Vázquez, Commercial Director of Latcom LATAM and USA LATAM.

Latcom is a company specialized in OOH media, created to satisfy the demand for out-of-home advertising in outdoor, indoor, digital, transportation, mobile and cinema media. Provides local and regional services for Latin America, in the three phases of the business: planning, implementation and control. It employs more than 200 people directly and has a wide network of strategic partners for commercial and operational management in more than 18 countries in North America and Europe, with current projection to the Asian market.