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Senior Account and New Business Executive


  • Responsible for maintaining and increasing the business in USA & Canada, reporting to the Manager Director of USA and Canada.
  • Responsible for developing new direct accounts from this unit within USA & Canada as well.
  • Follow and control the commercial objectives according to the budget defined for the team.
  • Analyze and review the profitability of the businesses that are under their responsibility, working so that it is the best for the company.
  • Control compliance with formal processes.
  • Coordinate with the accounts team, the fulfillment of the strategies for each client and the fulfillment of the monthly commercial objectives.
  • Check that the OC’s and the contracts of the clients it manages are in order.
  • Monitor collections, and if necessary, help with them.
  • Commercial support and coordination of the account team in charge.
  • Get into the hearts of clients, to add value to strategies, generate new business opportunities and grow at a regional level.
  • Carry out continuous monitoring of the accounts managed by his team, providing support in the strategy and daily contingencies, and liaising with management levels of the different accounts.
  • Provide support to the Commercial Department and attend, when necessary, senior management meetings.
  • Motivate, persuade, support and guide your collaborators according to the needs of each one to achieve maximum dedication and professionalism.
  • Evaluate the performance of your team members, determining training needs.
  • Comply with the internal processes required for the execution of a campaign.
  • Comply with the other functions that, in matters of its competence, are assigned to achieve the objectives of the area.


  • Deliver the Brief with all the information requested to the Strategic Development sector.
  • Put together the document with the communication strategy of the plan and communicate the route to Strategic Development.
  • Validate the final plan, delivered by DE, and if considered, request the necessary changes to meet the client’s objectives.
  • Deliver the Business Plan to the client and do the follow-up management until its approval.
  • Verify the communication of the approval of the Commercial Plan to Strategic Development, Implementation and Market Managers.
  • Assemble the structure of the plans that do not require a Commercial Plan and validate it with the Operations Management.
  • Obtain client approval of plans.
  • Verify the communication of the approval of the plans that do not require a Commercial Plan to the Heads of Market, Implementation Coordinator and Operations Management.
  • Validate location changes of elements with the Operations Management.
  • Check the gear together with the commercial management, prior to departure, and if necessary, make the pertinent recommendations so that the campaign is efficient.
  • Approve plans in the system.


    Location: USA – New york

    Level of Experience: Senior

    Category: Commercial – Sales

    Job type: Full Time