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Great launch of liquid ALA in Argentina

The multinational company Unilever trusted LATCOM to execute an OOH campaign in Argentina with the aim of communicating the launch of the new product Ala liquid to dilute.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed normality in the world as we knew it in economic, political and social terms, also impacting consumption habits during quarantine due to the current economic crisis. This is not overlooked with large brands, which are forced to rethink their products and launch strategies to generate better communication with their customers.

Being clear this context, Unilever relied on Latcom to communicate the launch of the new product Ala liquid to dilute, with the goal of positioning and create brand preference in the region and to direct consumers at retail stores such as near shops, Hyper and supermarkets. The focus was placed on an audience of men and women aged 25 to 60, of socioeconomic level C3 and the communication was made in Córdoba, Mendoza, Rosario, in the NOA (Salta and Tucumán) and NEA (Chaco, Misiones, Entre Ríos).

The campaign was developed with a mix of Outdoor media with large, medium and digital formats, in areas of high concentration, giving priority to the areas where the target moves in each city. Also, tactical assets; such as sextuplets and billboards were also used on main avenues, generating brand recognition in areas near the points of sale.

To develop a strong strategic communication, Latcom developed a detailed research work that allowed identify the audience to be more precisely through behavioral metrics, psychographic, sociodemographic and advertising profiles. At the end of the campaign, a post-test was heald to evaluate the visibility and levels of recognition, thus reporting the valuable data that 7 out of 10 respondents declared having seen it outside the home.

Unilever relies on the advantages of the new Ala liquid soap to dilute, being up to 20% cheaper and giving away a 3-liter bottle with the first purchase so that customers have the container for its preparation.