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“Eric Marotel (Worldcom OOH): ‘Europe created OOH, and in some way, it is the main actor in shaping its future.'”

Eric Marotel, new Latcom | Worldcom OOH Europe Managing Director

“Eric Marotel, ‘Managing Director Europe’ of Worldcom OOH, speaks in the following interview about how Europe has been a key catalyst for the globalization of OOH and d+OOH, as well as for the establishment of new standards in creativity, planning, and purchasing. He also talks about the distinctive positioning of the company he leads, already present in 24 countries, and its strategic alliances for the development of new digital solutions.”

“The European out-of-home advertising market is characterized by continuous growth, a trend that has been accentuated by the digital transformation initiated over 10 years ago in some pioneering European markets. With a 6% share of the total advertising investment (8 trillion US dollars), Europe surpasses North America (3%), demonstrating a higher level of innovation and digitalization,” explains Eric Marotel, Managing Director Europe of Worldcom OOH, about the development of outdoor advertising on our continent.

“What are the most distinctive characteristics of the European OOH market? How has it evolved?”

“The historical evolution of out-of-home advertising segments reflects constant adaptation to changing technologies and consumer preferences, marking a transition from traditional approaches to more dynamic and digital strategies. The United Kingdom clearly leads the global digital market as a result of consumer behaviors that are very open to new channels of information/purchase and the acceptance of the internet by a broader spectrum of the population. Other markets such as Germany, France, Scandinavia, and Spain are evolving very positively in this regard.”

“The European urbanization model promotes better results in D+OOH and also innovation and sophistication in terms of creativity and technology.”

“The growing demand for digital out-of-home advertising with brand-specific strategies allows for achieving goals of massive and diversified audiences from the perspective of precise segmentation. This phenomenon reflects the transformation of urban spaces into strategic environments for effective advertising campaigns. The European urbanization model promotes better results in D+OOH and also innovation and sophistication in terms of creativity and technology.

Certainly, the different industry players, including OOH concession companies, technology and measurement specialists, communication agencies, planning and purchasing agencies, as well as outdoor specialists, have been key in actively contributing to the sophistication and diversification of the market.”

“From Europe, we are designing a new powerful, efficient, and measurable advertising medium that responds to broader and more precise strategic objectives.”

“From Europe, we are designing a new powerful, efficient, and measurable advertising medium that responds to broader and more precise strategic objectives. We demonstrate that there are no cultural barriers to grow and offer effective solutions to brands and segments seeking results. Specifically, the results are both quantitative and qualitative, supported by new advertising management standards such as audience measurement formats, strategic planning technology platforms, programmatic purchasing, new creative and technological options including virtual reality, 3D, geolocation, campaign activations, among others.”

“What would you say are the contributions of the European d+OOH industry to the globalization of the media?”

“The European digital advertising industry (d+OOH) significantly contributes to the globalization of the media through the introduction and refinement of various business models. These models range from strategic partnership agreements to the implementation of innovative technologies, facilitating the expansion of advertising campaigns beyond the continent’s borders.

The early and continuous adoption of digital technologies in d+OOH advertising in Europe has been a key catalyst for the globalization of the medium and the establishment of new standards in creativity, planning, and purchasing. Digitization enables the creation of more flexible and dynamic campaigns tailored to specific audiences in different regions of the world, thus driving the global scale of advertising strategies.

The transformation achieved by the d+OOH industry in leading European markets sets standards of quality and efficiency that resonate worldwide. This is reflected in the sophistication of campaigns, the diversification of advertising formats, and the creation of robust performance metrics necessary for optimal post-campaign analysis.

Other factors such as the collection and analysis of audience data, the agile behaviors of numerous industry players, and the international projection of leading global brands headquartered in Europe contribute to increased investment in d+OOH and the ongoing and profound transformation of the sector.”

“What can you tell us about the degree of professionalism and technological development in the OOH industry? What is the model that Worldcom OOH applies to its business, and what possibilities does it offer to brands?”

“The professionalization of the outdoor advertising industry has been solidified through comprehensive approaches, such as the one we provide at Worldcom OOH. We are a global company specializing in OOH, DOOH, and Programmatic media strategy, planning, and purchasing. The service offered by Worldcom today is the result of a continuous transformation of its processes since its inception in 2007 and its capacity for innovation with the goal of bringing brands closer to their current and future consumers anywhere on the planet. The company’s purpose is present in every process of our organization and in every action and objective of our teams.”

“Worldcom Media Services is an OOH and DOOH marketplace with the largest database in the industry.”

“Worldcom’s unique positioning is further strengthened through its partnership with TDT (Technology Development Tools), a technology partner that contributes to the development of digital solutions for media transformation and other segments. Together, we achieved the development of the Worldcom Media Services platform, an OOH and DOOH marketplace with the largest database in the industry. This platform not only facilitates planning and purchasing but also demonstrates the ability to process large volumes of data to generate audiences and analyze campaign histories, thus designing the best media mix according to each campaign’s objectives. This comprehensive and technologically advanced approach is strategic and significantly contributes to the professionalization and ongoing evolution of the industry. Our commitment is to always provide the best service and solutions in D+OOH, with technology, strategy, and innovation as our foundational pillars.

During the company’s first year of existence, with a strong sense of regional integration, we decided to open an office in the United States. In December of the same year, we won McDonald’s, our first major global client.

Currently, Worldcom OOH has an international network of operations in 24 countries, employing more than 240 professionals worldwide directly and over 1,000 indirectly. We provide services to companies such as McDonald’s, Disney, LVMH, NBC, HBO, Puig, Tourism boards of Argentina, Chile, Mexico, USA, Brazil, and Spain, Spotify, Chanel, Swatch Group, Coca-Cola, and Nestlé, among others.”

“An independent player with global reach…”

“Worldcom stands out as an independent player with a unique global reach in the outdoor advertising industry. With its own resources for the design and execution of any global campaign, the company positions itself as a valuable all-in-one option for its clients. In addition to its technological tools, Worldcom offers multidisciplinary talent, successfully integrating local and international teams harmoniously. This ability to bring together talents with complementary profiles enhances Worldcom’s ability to address all the challenges of its clients while considering the cultural nuances of each market.

Worldcom strives to build strategic alliances; establishing a partnership is not only a common practice but a fundamental commitment for the company. This philosophy reflects a broader mission of transforming the industry, where collaboration and excellence become fundamental pillars. We often say, ‘everything is possible and achievable,’ demonstrating a proactive and bold mindset.”

“Worldcom measures its success in various categories, going beyond economic results. Its commitment to transforming the industry is reflected in its ability to innovate, create positive impact, and set standards of excellence.”

“What are the challenges facing OOH and DOOH?”

“Future challenges of Out-of-Home (OOH) and Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) present a series of exciting and transformative challenges for the industry. Europe created OOH and in some ways is the main actor in shaping its future. Today, it faces the challenge of staying at the forefront of innovation. This involves the constant need to reinvent formats, adopt new technologies, and respond agilely to consumer expectations. Sustainable and user-centered innovation will be crucial to maintaining the medium’s relevance in an ever-evolving market.

The effective integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into OOH and DOOH strategies represents a significant challenge and, at the same time, an opportunity for the industry. The ability to use AI to personalize content, analyze real-time data, and optimize the delivery of advertising messages offers unprecedented potential. We all must meet the responsibility of using these new technological tools effectively and be capable of setting new common standards for the benefit of the OOH community.”

“The effective integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into OOH and DOOH strategies represents a significant challenge.”

“The growing demand for holistic ‘brand experience’ through connectivity with other devices poses new connectivity challenges for OOH and DOOH. Effectively integrating advertising into consumers’ digital environment, enabling a seamless transition between devices, becomes a key objective.

The need for precise and valid metrics remains a fundamental challenge in the industry. Effective measurement of impact, audience, and return on investment is essential to justify advertising investments and optimize strategies.”

“The need for accurate and valid metrics remains a fundamental challenge in the industry.”

“In response to growing concerns about social responsibility, the industry has a lot to contribute and also to change. A significant portion of outdoor advertising (up to 60% in urban furniture, public transportation, and airport concessions) benefits society through fees, institutional communication spaces, and other social projects, emphasizing that it is one of the most valued media for financing urban structures or transportation systems.”

“And finally, what objectives set the agenda for Worldcom in 2024?”

“Based on the sustained growth in OOH and digital advertising investment in the main European markets and the opening of new markets in France, Switzerland, and Italy, we project strong growth in 2024.

We have successfully executed our strategic plan for 2023, and 2024 will also be the year to serve the rest of the international markets from Europe, with deep knowledge of all the new DOOH offerings on the continent. We will allocate more resources to cover the emerging markets in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, which we also manage from Europe.

Worldcom began its activity in Europe, starting in Spain over a decade ago. It has since established itself as a responsible and efficient partner for European advertising agencies as well as European clients with international operations. Among our objectives is expanding our references in various categories such as Entertainment, Tourism, Retail, Fashion/Luxury, and Cosmetics/Beauty, and continuing to develop our partnership policy with a greater number of OOH and DOOH concession companies.

We will grow in talent by covering new markets and continue to consolidate the European operations team, essential to ensuring timely and high-quality service for our clients.

Our business model, like any service, is essentially based on talent. We are professionals with a high level of commitment, aiming to provide solutions to our clients. Our daily challenge is to design and implement multi-market campaigns with rigor in markets that can offer different levels of development. Our platform, Worldcom Media Services, will continue to be our best ally for optimizing communication strategies, attracting new accounts with international projection, and actively contributing to the development of the medium in all markets.

Since 2023, we have been the second international market for the group. Thanks to the development of emerging markets for which Europe is responsible and the opening of operations in France/Switzerland and Italy (with the favorable impact of the Paris Olympics), we plan to consolidate our position in the company in the coming year.”