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Coca-cola Chile, a success story in OOH and MOOH integrally developed by Latcom

Coca-cola Chile, un caso de éxito en OOH y MOOH desarrollado integralmente por Latcom
  • The effectiveness of Out Of Home & Mobile Out of Home exceeded the expectations of results of this campaign
  • And reaching to date an impressive total of 287,074,357 OTS (Opportunity to See)
  • The accompanying campaign that communicates the sustainability initiatives of the brand, managed to generate a lasting impact on the audience

Latam, July xx, 2023.- Two months after the start of the Equity campaign in 14 cities in Chile, Coca-Cola Chile achieves great results with its latest OOH and MOOH campaign, fully developed by Latcom within the framework of the 80th anniversary in this country. The implementation of Out Of Home and Mobile Out of Home strategies has demonstrated the effectiveness of outdoor advertising with a strong response in the results obtained. In just a few weeks, Coca-Cola Chile grew 18% in Top of Mind, reaching 75% in the beverage category and also remaining the leader in visibility in OOH with 70%, 2.3 times more than the 30% at the beginning of the bell.

With the main objective of generating awareness and developing a communication plan that would allow the creation of a permanent presence circuit, to achieve impact and brand equity over time, Latcom developed a comprehensive plan that included airports, subway stations, the most important cities and various digital and analog formats in the most important accesses and avenues of each city.

Latcom, the global media strategy, planning and trading company specialized in OOH, DOOH and Programmatic, was in charge of the integral development of the Equity Coca-Cola Chile campaign that was carried out in multiple cities throughout of the country, including Santiago, Arica, Iquique, Antofagasta, Concepción, La Serena, Puerto Montt, Viña del Mar, Valparaíso, Valdivia, Temuco, Talca and Osorno. The campaign had a total of 537 supports reaching an impressive OTS (Opportunity to See) total of 287,074,357 to date.

The communication strategy was based on two main pillars: awareness and experience / engagement, with a focus on communicating the brand’s sustainability initiatives. In terms of awareness, a permanent platform sustained over time was implemented to work on long-term visibility and, on the other hand, special productions were developed on iconic supports to capture the attention, interest and preference of consumers, generating memorable experiences.

From the technological management platform LATMS -Latcom Media Services – exclusive to Latcom, the day-to-day of the entire campaign was managed and through its powerful optimizer that processes the largest database in the industry, the best mix was outlined. of media in each city to meet the established objectives. The same platform generates reports in real time where the great results obtained are reflected.

Regarding the Mobile Out of Home (MOOH), Coca-Cola Chile carried out a campaign in collaboration with influencers, taking advantage of the YouTube video “Returnable Action” as the main strategy, where the values ​​of its returnable packaging were highlighted under the concepts “Returning is Trend and Returning Renews”. Latcom georeferenced each public highway support to impact with the Sustainable campaign video. More than 80% of users will view the video until its completion, a result rarely seen, and it also managed to generate interactions on social networks that highlighted creative content and the participation of influencers, also reaching engagement with younger audiences.

Coca-Cola Chile is another example of how the external environment, both OOH and MOOH, can be highly effective in generating awareness and in brand interactions, even for brands with a long history. The strategic implementation and the selection of adequate tools allowed the proposed objectives to be achieved, standing out for its presence in different markets and the ability to generate a lasting impact on the audience.

Impact support located in Alameda, in front of Paseo Ahumada, in the heart of Santiago.


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