Social and environmental development

We work to add value to social and economic development, convinced that sustainability is in the way we do things

Commitment to society

We constantly carry out actions to contribute to the well-being of the communities around us. Through our Program of Institutional Strengthening of Civil-Social Organizations we work in:

  • Partnership in management, resources, legal aspects, accounting and legal personality.
  • Collaboration in communication and institutional relations.
  • Training to institutional representatives
  • Promotion and partnership of projects for social inclusion: health, education, food and social development.
  • Sale for Charity through our online sales portal, which seeks to monetize all types of donated products, new or used.
  • Advertising Solidarity through a strategic alliance between private companies to help non-profit institutions.


We promote the care of the environment in the interior and exterior of our company. We develop specific policies to reduce the impact of our operations on the environment by implementing sustainable practices:

  • We implement a clean and dry material collection program.
  • We recycle separating waste from other materials consistently.
  • We collaborate with the Garrahan Foundation, promoting social projects.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We continually seek to increase our Corporate Social Responsibility actions. We currently have the following projects:

  • Volunteer Program
  • Special campaigns: Help to those affected by climatic events: like winter, Children’s Day, Christmas and building improvement, among others.
  • B-Corp Certificate: We are part of a global network of companies and organizations that associate economic growth with the promotion of social and environmental well-being.
  • Social, food and educational sponsorship proposed bill.
  • Gestionar Esperanzas (Generating Hope) Foundation: LATCOM’s foundation formed by a team of professionals and volunteers working for social Inclusion and human and community development of children and families in vulnerable situations.